Testimonials | Kari Kling success stories


“There is no one I could give higher recommendation to for parent advice and counsel than Kari Kling. Her knowledge of young people, growth and development, and productive  academic experiences is incredible. Kari’s understanding of brain research and her ability to develop quality, engaging relationships makes her an exceptionally talented professional.”

Dr. Donna Bernard,
Coventry Public Schools 

“We sought Kari’s help with building strong relationships within our blended family. Kari was well-versed in such matters, came fully prepared to each session, and anticipated our needs. Kari provided us with key principles and a game plan so that in just three sessions, we were able to see great results and have confidence going forward in strengthening our family. Thank you, Kari.”

Father of two adult children

“If I had a million dollars, (which I obviously don’t have), I still could not give you a gift that would express to you how deeply I feel, and how grateful I am for the knowledge and understanding you have given me about how our brains learn. You have changed my life forever.”

Mother of 8 children and Educator

“Your gift to heal is so genuine. Blessed are the families that find you.”

Mother and Grandmother

“Before I found Kari, I didn’t know what I was doing as a parent. I was angry all of the time and would yell at my daughter. I never wanted to be that kind of parent. I’m so glad I found Kari because she has helped me so much. I became more confident in how to handle meltdowns and be a better parent. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Mom of one

“After several one-to-one coaching sessions with Kari Kling, I was able to think about my own parenting from a different perspective. Once I was able to have a better understanding of  how our brains learn and then use that knowledge with my own parenting, I was able to be a much calmer, happier and more effective mom. My family gets along much better now too!”

Mom of two

“Kari always says that, ‘Parenting doesn’t come with a manual,’ and that’s true. I never thought I would seek out a parent coach, but I realized that I was becoming frustrated with my parenting and didn’t know what to do. After months of following Kari on social media, I decided to take her advice and not wait for a crisis to reach out. All I can say is that I’m so glad I did it.”

Mom of three

“My son was really struggling staying on task in school and completing his homework at home. I felt like I was in an almost daily battle with him and we were constantly arguing about his schoolwork. After just a few coaching sessions with Kari Kling, I was able to gain insights  as to why my son was struggling and how I could better approach the situation. My son is now doing a much better job of completing his work at school and at home and I have  ‘more tools in my parent toolbag’ to keep our relationship positive and productive! 
Thank you, Kari!”

Mom of one

“Kari Kling has been a lifesaver for our family. She helps us navigate behavioral issues with our children and communication skills between my husband and me. Her suggestions and insights always lead to shifts and progress in our family life.”

Wife, Mother of three

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”-Kari Kling