Testimonials | Kari Kling success stories


“There is no one I could give higher recommendation to for parent advice and counsel than Kari Kling. Her knowledge of young people, growth and development, and productive  academic experiences is incredible. Kari’s understanding of brain research and her ability to develop quality, engaging relationships makes her an exceptionally talented professional.”
Dr. Donna Bernard
Coventry Public Schools 

“In my 16 years as a principal, I never worked with a finer educator and person than Kari Kling. Her intimate knowledge of the brain and how the learning process takes place is exceptional. She was able to apply her knowledge to each individual student that she taught. I watched transformations take place in the children and the teachers that she worked with. Now that Kari has had her own children, she has broadened her life and takes her educational experiences to a new level. I know that she will help whomever is fortunate to work with her.”
Julan Pekkain
Teacher, Principal and Consulting Educator

Kari was a former co-teacher of mine. At every turn, she went above and beyond for her students. She has a wealth of knowledge and seeks to learn more for herself at all times. Kari is exceptional at having insight in unusual learning and teaching circumstances. She will work 150%  to help parents, teachers and students.

Cindy Martin, 27 Year Retired Professional Educator
Scottsdale Unified School District California 

After several one-to-one coaching sessions with Kari Kling, I was able to think about my own parenting from a different perspective. Once I was able to have a better understanding of  how our brains learn and then use that knowledge with my own parenting, I was able to be a much calmer, happier and more effective mom. My family gets along much better now too!

Jennifer S., Parent

“I recently read an article that said the average person can look back at the 100 or so teachers that they have had in their schooling and be able to identify maybe 2 or 3 teachers that had a profound impact on their life. Kari Kling is in this category. Even as a parent, Kari’s attitude, knowledge, teaching skills, energy, and perseverance has positively impacted my life.”

Matt B., Parent

My son was really struggling staying on task in school and completing his homework at home. I felt like I was in an almost daily battle with him and we were constantly arguing about his schoolwork. After just a few coaching sessions with Kari Kling, I was able to gain insights  as to why my son was struggling and how I could better approach the situation. My son is now doing a much better job of completing his work at school and at home and I have  ‘more tools in my parent toolbag’ to keep our relationship positive and productive! 
Thank you, Kari!

Amy C., Parent

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”-Kari Kling