One-to-One Coaching

You Are Not Alone

One-to-one coaching sessions are focused on YOUR parenting goals and then creating a step-by-step plan to help you reach YOUR desired parenting outcomes… all based on how our brains learn! 

Possible topics relating to your personalized parenting goals for your children may include:

*Behavioral issues
*Learning issues
*Sibling Rivalry
*Support with providing structure in routines
*Homework issues
*Understanding emotional/social development
*Increasing attention and responsibility
*How to handle a hardship (divorce, illness, death of a loved one)
*Screen time battles
*Parent/Child relationships
*Childhood stress
Other various personalized parenting topics

I will help you develop and implement a plan to achieve solutions to your goals in order of your highest priority. 

One-to-one coaching can be done as a single session, weekly, monthly or configured to meet your parenting needs. sessions are one hour long, private and confidential. I use the platforms of Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, depending on which is most convenient for you.

So that we both feel that we are a ‘good fit’ for each other, I’m offering a free 15 minute online session so that we can ‘meet’ to determine this. I will only commit to work with you if I believe I can truly help you!

Please email me at: 

 to schedule your free 15 minute ‘good fit’ session today!
One-to-One Coaching Fee Packages

Single session: $137
Three session package: $397 

Six session package: $777

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”-Kari Kling