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Give Your Child The Most Powerful Summer Learning Of Their Lives

Jun, 2022

(Hint…and I’m giving away a complimentary ebook to help you do it!)

Are you a parent and feeling stressed about how you are going to keep your child actively engaged this summer and not spend too much time in front of a screen?

Are you feeling worried that your children have already ‘lost’ some learning time …Read More.


An Interview with Kari Kling, M.Ed.

May, 2022

Kari, you’re an internationally recognized parenting expert with 40 years of experience. You’ve successfully guided thousands of families to have more positive relationships and learning outcomes with their children, ultimately leading to less stress and happier lives. How do you see your purpose in your role working with so many families?

Parenting may be the most important and difficult job we will ever have and it often comes with little preparation or training… Read More.

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How To Talk With Your Child About What Is Going On In The World And Why It’s So Important

Apr, 2022

How do we talk with our children when frightening events, such as a war, are being revealed to all of us in real time? How can we find the words to comfort our children when we may feel terrified ourselves? How do we even begin to know what to say and what to do?

We may not be able to fix the situation at hand, but there are important parenting strategies that we can use to help our children… Read More.


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Don’t Wait For A Crisis In Your Family

Mar, 2022

Parenting may be the most important and difficult job we will ever have and it often comes with little preparation or training. Whether we like it or not, as parents, WE are our child’s first teachers.

As adults, we maintain our homes, our cars, our electronics and more, but when do we ever maintain our parenting? Many of us have had to learn more about keeping up with job-related information than about how to parent through the different stages of childhood. Read More.


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Former Hopi Teacher Helping Two Generations of Students

Sep, 2020

Phoenix resident and educator Kari Kling is a testament to the immense joy and satisfaction that can accompany a teaching career. Her prolific educational journey began in l981 as a second-grade teacher at Hopi Elementary School.

Until recently, memories of her time as a teacher were in her rearview mirror. But now, Kling’s life has come full circle with former students reaching out to her for guidance and teaching tips for their children. Read More.


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