Hi. I'm Kari Kling.

I coach parents how to overcome the frustrations of parenting by guiding them to create positive relationships and outcomes with their children at home and at school…all based on how our brains learn.

Mom . Educator . Coach . Author . Speaker

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.” TM

Parenting may be the most difficult job we will ever have and it often comes with little preparation or training. Whether we like it or not, as parents…

WE are our child’s first teachers.

What keeps you up at night about your kids?

  • Do you worry that you’re not doing enough? Too much?
  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed with parenting?
  • Do you wonder if there are better ways to increase your child’s happiness and success in school and with friends?
  • Do you wish your child could have better focus and learn to study?
  • Do you want to help your child have a better understanding of how he/she learns best?
  • Does “discipline” in your home feel negative instead of offering opportunities to learn and grow?
  • Would you like your kids to be better communicators?
  • Do you wish you could reduce sibling rivalry?
  • Do you feel like your child spends too much time in front of a screen?
  • Do you dream of increased peace within your family dynamics and yearn for quick ‘nuggets’ of guidance to support your parenting?

If you answered 'yes' to one of these questions, or have your own questions, I can help!

Let's Work Together

“Because we don’t get a second
chance at our children’s childhood.”

Yes, please sign me up!

Yes! I look forward to the possibility of working together and learning
the most practical and relevant ways that I can ‘parent smarter, not harder’…
all based on how our brains learn!

One-to-One Coaching

Do you believe that your child is reaching
his/her highest potential in every way? Do you feel like your family is functioning as a team, with everyone doing their part
and supporting one another? Do you
sometimes wish that you had more
‘tools in your parenting toolbag” to help
you achieve your parenting goals
without driving yourself crazy?

If you are asking yourself questions
like these and would like solid direction to “get there,” I can help!

Please click below to learn more about my one-to-one coaching sessions, focused on YOUR parenting goals…
all based on how our brains learn!

VIP (Very Important Parents!) Online Coaching Group

An interactive online membership community designed for YOU! This online community will provide ample opportunities to skyrocket your knowledge and skills
about how we learn and behave via practical strategies and tips…all based on how our brains learn!

Once a month, I will invite an internationally/nationally known EXPERT to our online community from various areas of expertise in learning, behavior, emotions, parenting, etc. to share their insights with you!

You will also have access to our private fb
VIP Coaching Group page to ask anything that may be on your mind. Please click below to learn more about this powerful
‘VIP’ Online Coaching Group!

Kari’s Online Parenting Classes

Coming Soon!

Are you looking to make that ‘deep dive’ on a specific topic that will positively target your parenting/child’s success? I’m bringing my tried and true classes for parents to the online space! A wide range of powerful classes, all based on how we learn and behave, will include topics such as: Positive Discipline, Studying with The Brain in Mind, How Are You Smart?, Be a Better Test Taker, My Sibling-My Best Friend, Mrs. Kling’s Math Mania, Love Letters To My Child and more!

Please click below to learn more about my upcoming online classes designed to help you be the most impactful parent
that you can be in ways that are quick and easy!

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