VIP-Very Important Parents' Online Coaching Group

Since Parenting Doesn’t Come With A Manual…

Parenting…the toughest job you’ll ever love. Even though we adore our children, this parenting journey can certainly have its bumps in the road, hurdles and feelings of overwhelm, especially in 2020. We try to balance family, work, and life in general and it can be exhausting. But the great news is that you don’t have to do it alone!

As a mom of almost 19 year old sons and an educator, counselor, speaker and author for the past 30+ years, I know how to guide you in supporting your children to have healthy and positive relationships and outcomes at home or in school, all based on how our brains learn.

I’d like to invite you to become a member of my online parent coaching group, ‘VIPs…Very Important Parents!’  This online coaching community is designed to provide YOU with the most effective parenting strategies, ‘tools’ and peace of mind to bring your children and family the most success and happiness possible…without losing your mind!

VIPs began in September 2020 and we already have learned so much! In fact, I have archived all of our Zoom sessions since we began, including our Master Classes with our guest experts. This means that anyone who joins now, will still have the benefits of learning from our past experiences.

Our VIP members are thriving with their parenting! Here are a few comments about what they have mentioned about being a member of our VIP online parent coaching community:

“I am so thankful to be a VIP! Kari’s support and resources, as well as her Master Class speakers, are truly invaluable. I appreciate our group of open-minded parents who are all navigating the same waters together.
I am learning so much!”
J., VIP Member

“Our VIP group has been enlightening and incredibly helpful. I am so thankful to have found it and appreciate all of the guest speakers, along with their knowledge and suggestions, so much. What an amazing resource this group has turned out to be.”
L., VIP Member

“It always seems that Kari Kling will have the appropriate topic for our kids’ learning issues. As the mother of two young children and raising them in this year of 2020, Ms. Kling and all of her knowledge have been the most wonderful blessing for my entire family.”
M., VIP Member

Please scroll down to learn more about what you will receive as a VIP!

As a member, here is what you will receive each month:

Resources and Activities…
Opportunities and Enrichment

Do you feel as though your child needs more to fill his/her time that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen? Would your family benefit from some ready-made activities or educational experiences to supplement their current school situation? Would you like to be able to encourage your child to be more independent in their learning? Would you enjoy having more family time that is enriched in creating lifelong memories? You will get this and more as a VIP!

Master Class-Learn From The EXPERTS

Each month, I’ll bring in an internationally/nationally known EXPERT into our group to be with us to teach/discuss a particular topic related to parenting, learning or behavior! You will be able to listen to each expert’s presentation and ask direct questions during our time together.

All of our prior Master Classes have been recorded and are posted in our private fb group for easy access to learn from whenever it may be convenient for you! What an incredible ‘vault’ of information you will have at your fingertips!

I’m so thrilled to present my ‘guest experts’ for my Master Classes, May-August 2021!

May – Karissa Goldson, Educator & Children’s Life Coach

“Empower Your Child Through Vision Boards”

Karissa’s passion is to work with children and to help them be the best they can be! Through her process of creating vision boards, Karissa guides a child’s mindset to empower them in reaching their goals.

June – Sara Matin, Librettist/Lyricist/Playwright/Producer

“Playwriting~ And Making Writing Feel Like Play”

At the young age of 19 years old, Sara Matin has already accomplished more than most people twice her age. Sara is a graduate of Arizona State University and has earned a degree in Theater, Sara has written and produced a new production, “Leading Ladies: a new musical,” which has recently been shown as a livestreamed musical!

As our guest expert for my June Master Class, Sara will introduce young writers to the world of theatre and help them bring their stories to life!

July – Danielle Darkangelo, Family Book Author, “Stories That Heal”

Danielle has spent the past 20+ years working in the field of mental health. She is using her personal and professional experiences to write books for families who may be dealing with some of life’s most difficult challenges. Her latest book, Capri’s Adventures, focuses on medical issues with her pet and how those lessons may transfer to help any family with a medical issue in their lives.

August – Marcia Hinds, DIY Autism Parent/Advocate/Author

“I Know You’re In There!”

Even though the doctors predicted that her son, Ryan, would end up in an institution, Marcia never gave up! Today, Ryan is an aerospace engineer and lives a happy ‘typical’ life! No matter what situation you may be facing with your child, Marcia will share with us about how to overcome it and never to take ‘no’ for an answer!

Questions and Answers

I will respond to your personal questions on our group Zoom calls. Chances are that any parenting question that you may have, others may have too! You’ll get my direct feedback on your most immediate questions. I’ll be answering questions and presenting easy ways to help you incorporate more positive ‘tools’ for your ‘parenting toolbag!’ You will also glean information from other parents who are trying to accomplish the same goals!

Monthly Mentoring, Mini-Lessons & Community

You can choose to just watch and listen via Zoom during our group coaching calls, or be an active participant and join me ‘on-screen’ if you choose. I’ll be sharing ‘mini-lessons’ to help you tackle most any parenting situation, whether you are homeschooling, your children are back in school, virtual learning…or any combination of the above. Possible topics include: 

*Positive Character Traits and Accompanying Behaviors
*Positive Discipline…Creating Teachable Moments From Undesired Behaviors
*Positive Behaviors with Family Members and Others (no more Sibling Rivalry)
*Respectful Ways of Communication
*Active Listening (so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself)
*Peace in Your Family Routines
*Gratitude and Appreciation Opportunities
*Bullying Prevention
*Understanding HOW Your Child Best Learns and Processes Information
*Focus and Test-Taking Strategies
*Your Child’s Independence with Homework and Other Responsibilities

The Fine Print

Our group will ‘meet’ online for approximately 1 hour per week Wednesdays at noon MST. If you aren’t able

to be with us live, each group coaching session will be recorded so that you can listen/watch  

when it’s convenient for you! Questions can be submitted beforehand 

and answered for those who can’t be with us live or choose to remain anonymous. 

You are encouraged to participate at whatever level feels comfortable for you.  

Just think…the time investment of only one hour per week can powerfully enhance your role as 

a parent and impact on your family for a lifetime, especially during these uncertain times!

The online platforms of our VIP Online Coaching Group will be via Zoom and a private Facebook page.

Here, you may inquire about any of your parenting needs/questions, while being provided 

ongoing resources as you need them. Even if you’re not tech savvy, these are very easy to access.

My team and I can easily show you how to do this if you need help. 

There are no contracts and you may cancel your membership at any time. Please let me know 

that you are interested by sending me an email at: or register at:

    Simply click on the link that says: ‘VIP…Very Important Parents’ Online Coaching Group’ or

if you are a former student, click on  ‘Former Student’ Price-‘VIP…Very Important Parents’.

I am so excited about working with YOU and your family regarding


in my online parent coaching community, Very Important Parents!

I hope to see you there!

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood!”

You will be receiving over $600 of value per month in time, experience and resources! I’m offering 

you a HUGE investment in your children for less than $1.00 per day! Why am I doing this?

Because this is my passion and there’s no reason for any family to be struggling alone.

Give yourself the gift of ongoing learning and support in guiding your children to have the

healthiest relationships and most positive outcomes possible… at home, at school and in life!

“Member” Monthly VIP Membership: $27

“Former Student” Monthly VIP Membership: $22

(Former Students… I am always here for you!)

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”-Kari Kling