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Kari's Online Parenting Classes

Are you looking to make that ‘deep dive’ on a specific topic that will positively target your parenting/child’s success? I’m bringing my
 tried and true parenting classes to the online space! A wide range
of highly impactful classes, all based on how we learn and behave will include topics such as:

  • Positive Discipline
  • Studying with the Brain in Mind
  • How Are You Smart?
  • Be a Better Test Taker
  • My Sibling-My Best Friend
  • Mrs. Kling’s Math Mania
  • Love Letters to My Child
  • And much more!

My online parenting classes are designed for you to be able to access from your computer or phone.

Course schedule will be coming soon.
Below is a sampling of some of the powerful, awesome, and possibly
life-changing classes for that will be available! 

You’ve got this!

Kari's Parenting Class Topics:

  • Brain Research 101-Learn the basics to build a better forever of learning and behavior! You’ll never look at life in the same way again!
  • Building Character Through ‘Target Talk!’-Learn how to increase positive character traits in your children, while building confidence, simply by targeting the words we speak to our children and helping them to find examples of these character traits in all areas of their own lives! One of my most popular classes EVER!
  • If Only My Child Could Have Better Focus and Learn to Study! Learn study skills for a lifetime,  ALL based on how our brains and bodies learn! This class is even MORE powerful when you take it WITH your child! You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to go back to school yourself!
  • ALL Children Are Gifted…It’s Up To Us To Help Them Find Their Gifts!- Widen and enhance your vision of what it means to be “gifted” in our world today! Learn how to show your child HOW he/she IS a ‘gifted’ person….and guess what? It doesn’t have anything to do with taking a test!
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!-How do your children see him/herself? Learn how to support your children to instill positivity, courage and confidence themselves to become the GREATEST version of themselves possible!
  • Positive Discipline, Positive Family Lives!-Never raise your voice again…(for REAL!)…and neither will your children…(for REAL AGAIN!). Engage in the positive and peaceful strategies that will be taught in this class to bring your entire family to a place of joy!
  • How Are You Smart?-An insight into our Multiple Intelligences and how each of us processes the world and learns in the most powerful ways. Learn how to use your strengths to empower those areas that aren’t as strong! These insights will give you a better understanding of each person in your family…and your life!
  • Love Letters to My Child-How to use the written word to build character, shape behavior and provide a lifelong tribute to your relationship with your child! Your child will never forget these treasures and neither will you!
  • Are We There Yet? Connecting Real Life to Learning, Families, and Memories to Last a Lifetime!-Use the REAL WORLD as a springboard to naturally learn skills, knowledge, and concepts! The MOST POWERFUL kind of learning EVER!
  • Increasing Natural Learning Opportunities at Home!-Are we recognizing the opportunities for learning that exist in the homes we live in each day? Learn how to springboard from them and catapult your child’s natural learning at home!
  • Mrs. Kling’s Math Mania!-Math games, patterns and FUN, FUN, FUN to strengthen your child’s math foundation FOREVER!  A family favorite for years and years!

“Because we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”-Kari Kling